Company Profile


All our activities and decisions must be guided by our company values. As we follow these values, we will achieve our vision of maintaining our status as a leading supplier of high quality refractory and demolition solutions.

We are driven by customers

We succeed by exceeding customer expectations. Our commitment to premier customer service begins with understanding customer needs. It is realized through the delivery of high quality products and services and the personal support we provide. Each contact with a customer is an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and win new business.

We recognize the importance of our people

Our people built this business and are the key to its future. We are committed to creating a workplace that is safe, a workplace where diversity is valued, and a workplace that thrives on teamwork and leadership. We are committed to a workplace where individuals are treated fairly and with respect, where all people have the opportunity to expand their skills and take advantage of new opportunities, and where accomplishments are recognized.

We strive for excellence

No matter how good our products, services and performance we are dedicated to making them better. We strive for excellence in everything we do by being open to new ideas and better ways of working and not being afraid to take risks. We recognize that each of us can add real value to our business. By approaching our daily work with a passion for innovation and desire to learn and share that learning with colleagues, we a can make a difference.

We operate with integrity

As a company and as individuals, we do the right things and never compromise our values. We honour our agreements and are honest in our communications. Our relationships with co-workers, customers, suppliers and partners are based on openness and opportunities for mutual gain. Our sense of responsibility extends to leadership in protecting the environment and good citizenship in the communities where we work.

We deliver on our promises

We set goals high because we know we can do great things. We treat these goals as promises to our clients, our employees and ourselves. Our continued success depends on keeping our promises. Success is measured by results we produce in customer satisfaction, sales, profitability, investor value and the scope of opportunities we provide for our people.