Quality Service

The customer base consists out of companies that do all kinds of work and not necessary refractory related. Our customer base has grown exceptionally the last few years due to high skill shortages in all industries.

Stumani is a company that can adapt very quickly to any business or only the business unit that needs support. And this will usually be on the supply of bricklayersoperators and refractory materials.

Stumani will always try to provide operators with extensive experience.

We want to achieve this in order to ensure the work will be carried out according to specific requirements and specifications.

Stumani has proven itself to the refractory industry and to their customers, whereby they have always had a good understanding of what their customers want to achieve.

Quality Service

Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Demolition of condemned furnace, kiln coolers, furnace V-down and tap holes, kiln dam rings and many more refractory vessels.
  • Condemned metal structures and shells using lancing and cutting touches.
  • Plant cleaning especially those associates with building furnace basement, around beams, dust build-ups, run ways in tapping bays, laddles and many more in the plant.
  • Minor maintenance and installation of refractory, eg Taphole, Ladles, Rounders, Centre roof, Roof panels, Kiln, Gunniting,Converter, Ceramic, Fibre Castable, Hot or Cold repairs, Runners, etc.
  • We have experienced Brokk and other Robot operators to do the job.